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eBid allows auctions as well as fixed price sales, so it's flexible to use. You can list in just your own home country, or add any of the shipping destinations around the world. You can offer your buyers any payment process you want, there are no limits, including all those they will be familiar with from other sites, such as PayPal and Google Checkout. Auctions can include still images as well as YouTube videos, so you can display your item to its best advantage. eBid also has its own built-in loyalty scheme, called "Buddy Points" that you can spend on in-house auctions and promotional materials.

Buy on eBid, Sell on eBid

In order to trade on eBid you need to register. Basic registration is free, and this allows you to buy and sell. For more advanced options, such as integrated payment methods you will need an upgrade of some sort, but these are available in a variety of styles, from a few days to lifetime deals. Register now and take a look.

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eBid Widgets offers a wide range of resources to help you make eBid work for you. If you can't find what you want, please get in touch.

Banners & Templates

Shop logos, otherwise known as banners, are available in many ready-made designs as well as fully customised. There are templates to match, or myriad other designs, all made to ensure your item gets the best possible presentation.
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Hints & Tips

Advice on how best to use eBid is available via a number of my sites and additional resources.
My blog at ebidwidgets.tumblr.com/ has regular updates with suggestions, musings, and general advice on how to use the site.

eBid Widgets on Facebook is well-known amongst eBid users as a source of news and updates about what's happening on eBid generally, as well as from the Widgets corner itself.

The Unofficial Help and FAQ site at www.ebidhelp.com does exactly what it says, and does it for FREE. All the major tasks are described there, many with full illustrations and step-by-step guides.

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